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A black male with the powers to attract the opposite sex.Has no bounderies
That gals a jezzey its time 4 mandingo
by Micheal November 18, 2003
a little cotten sac that protects ur penis from the dangers of the outside world
hahahahah look at that nob wallet on channel 5
by micheal February 01, 2005
1: A strange disease resulting in a lack of people who like you and saggy body parts. Another affect of the disease is you may find yourself rejedcted from hotel rooms.
Wow! That saggy, lonely girl has the GAB BLU epidemic.
by Micheal December 30, 2004
meaning u dont care what the outcome will be
i need money, ragol that boy is going to get moved
by Micheal November 18, 2003
The truest form of a black male with the powers to move chicks and make fast money. Is possible of violence when pushed. 2 gold fangs will indicate a HotNikle
HotNikle dont pet when it comes 2 anything, chicks, money, life
by Micheal November 18, 2003
smoking drugs mainly used when smoking weed
what are u blazing. I dont blaze
by micheal February 25, 2005
a lady twat hole aka a fanny hole
becca whitethread plays wiv his engimingy on weekdays (she goes to sms)
by micheal November 08, 2004
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