Dope, fat, the bomb, the best.
Short for illicit
See also: sick
You see Iverson? Boy is so ill he makes medicine cough!
by Mo Hizzle December 27, 2003
to be tight, sick or cool. most likely used by northerners ghetto suburban people
yooo kid, i got this ride, is ill
by MatadoR November 19, 2003
phat or sumthin datz madd hot
I got da ill spinnaz on ma ride
by ~BrEeZy~ October 02, 2003
really good, the BEST
the illest rappers
by The Real Gansta May 04, 2003
1. Something so unbelievably phat,tight,cool, that trying to think about it makes you feel as though you were:

2. Sick, unwell, febrile
My new crib is so ill, I should be charging admission.
by rap rob February 28, 2005
I bought this payphone for the crib, it is MAD ill.
by Anonymous December 18, 2002
ill; being unpleasant in a hardcore way

ill; 'Mate that kiddy just vommed up his beezler and ate it that is well ill'
by Mogmog December 19, 2007
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