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Arabic name for a beautiful, smart and caring girl and smiles all the time. But what's behind her smile? And her laugh? She actually is a very depressed girl who listens to sad music all the time because she feels lonely. No one knows about her past, she's dealing with a lot of stress but she still knows how to stay strong. Her reason to stay strong? Justin Bieber. Bieber is the one who makes her feel beautiful, people don't even know what she's going through. Everyone loves having Ilhem as a friend.
"Why don't we go chill with Ilhem? She's so cool and she's always happy, I love her so much!"

Little did they know, Ilhem is actually not a girl who's always happy. She never felt happy...
by Lisa Scheudenberg February 23, 2014
Ugly, depressed, sad girl who's boring to be around with. She isn't the best in making friends but she's good in hiding her pain. Her lifesaver is Justin Bieber because he makes her stronger than she ever was. If she can't control herself she cuts, not too deep, not too much pain.
"Watch out, there's the weird girl again"
"Look at her clothes... ugh... so ugly!"
"She looks like a mess! Let's find out or that's Ilhem!"
by draila October 26, 2013