I kiss you.

Originally the catchphrase of Mahir Cagri, an early (we're talking 90s) Internet celebrity with a webpage advertising his love of women in a way that puts Borat to shame. Now used to indicate affection, sometimes in abbreviated form.
dude, I'm in town for a day and if I don't sleep while I'm there we can go out! unless you're busy with hawhawhaw.


by twiffa_ July 30, 2009
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I'll KILL YOU! Used to say that you are going to kill somebody that sucks.
n00b:lolol im the l33test bbq rofl
Cool Person: IKY FAG!
by Jimmy Campbell September 06, 2006
I know yer ( yea, yer, yes all meaning the same thing)
"wow that guy was so hot"
by sophieeee May 17, 2008
an amazingly considerate and compassionate friend, protective brother, dependable, orgasmic, loving, caring; my soul mate; an angel
Everything I know of love I learned from Iky.
by Tilly May 09, 2004

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