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means strong, powerful, sturdy, stalwart, potent; strength, force, energy, might, vigor, determination (rare) in hawaiian language.
Person 1: Did you see how that boxer knocked the man off his feet today.

Person 2: Yes I did, he is really ikaika.
#strong #powerful #potent #strength #vigor
by kawika_boy March 11, 2010
Being of destruction, party, anger, love, insanity, and joy, forced to remain as an outcast.

TIP: stay on it's good side, if not run
the reaper tried to take ikaika's soul and realized it did not have one.
#virgo #demon #warrior #death #soul stealer
by fdoee March 31, 2013
1. A perverted little boy who sneaks into girls rooms at night and sniffs their panties.

2. A tropical beast found mainly in Hawaii.

3. A modern siren that lures females with his ukulele, then has his way with them. No man or woman has been able to stop him.

4. The act of prancing around in one's underwear like a Calvin Klein model.

5. Refer to "Matt" definition #3
"Hey did you see Matt next door?"

"Yeah, he was dancing in his underwear!"

"Oh my! Such ikaika-like behaviour!"

"I know, men these days."
#matt #chun #pervert #hentai #beast #sex god #panties
by LaBananeLaide August 13, 2008
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