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i hate u.
(i hate you)
"omg, you had stuffed crust pizza for dinner??"
"yeah, boi"
"ihu, i had to eat a swanson dinner!"
"sucks for you."
#ihy #i hate you #you suck #i rule #im pissed
by fitzgibbon December 01, 2006
A short hand version of the term "I hate you." Commonly used on instant messaging services. The term is used to express hatred for someone but in a joking manner.
John: "Dammit why cant I ever find shirts in my size?!"
Adam: "Maybe you're just too fat?"
John: *stares at Adam* "ihu"
#ihu #ilu #hate #angry #diaf
by roxyhrt March 22, 2007
Abbreviation for I HATE U or I HATE YOU
Kevin: Oh I love this painting.
Mick: It looks like crap!
Kevin: I know. It looks kinda like you though.
Mick: IHU!
#hate #kevin #mick #painting #ihu
by tehmirandaxface February 11, 2008
Indian Hook Up
When an Indian at work can get you something for free under dodgy circumstances it's an IHU
#indian #hookup #free #dodgy #deal
by Spidermouse10 August 20, 2008
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