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When someone is too stupid to be considered ignorant.
Man, it was dumb when ran that stop sign, but it was just plain ignit when you tried to out run five 0.
by Malinen23 May 22, 2007
someone who is an idiot and ignorant at the same time all the time
Now arent you just an ignit mother fucker
by Sinny December 15, 2002
someone who is ignorant and/or crazy
"get ignit!" - Ice Cube

"you think im ignit!?" - Malibu's Most Wanted
by ignitgarde October 23, 2004
an ignorant ass nogga. stupid; retarded; probably someone whos been dropped on der head too much.
"You put the 'e' in 'ignit'
ignorant; stupid. Not so wise
He got his ignit ass ova dea bout to jump off a building, talking bout he superman.
by msshay June 06, 2006