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someone who is an idiot and ignorant at the same time all the time
Now arent you just an ignit mother fucker
by Sinny December 15, 2002
A general collective noun most commonly used for food meaning 7 or more.
"Yo man, go grab me a sleava tacos."
"Dude, go pick me up a sleava beeahs."
by Sinny January 19, 2006
The act of Trolling while breaking the rules of trolling. For example if there is a large hole in the front of the trollers pants, or if he/she is strait up naked sayin "hey whats up, i saw you checkin me out... yeah you. yeeaaaah"
"I was out trolling with Cokk Ramzy when i turned and noticed he wasnt wearing any pants. I immediately exclaimed "DUDE UR POACHING!!"
by Sinny January 20, 2006

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