When you build a small building out of snow and have three-ways inside it.
"Hey man, wanna go and igloo later?"
"Sure! I'll bring Stacey!"
by Sebastien Lindqvist October 11, 2014
when you stick your dick in snow and then immediately stick it in a girl's vag. the goal is to finish before you get frostbite
i just iglooed this girl last night and she got frostbite.
by slippery sandman May 06, 2009
What girls look like when they wear those high-waist dresses that make them look pregnant.
"I like your new dress! You look like an igloo!"
"What? I can only talk about my boy problems right now."

by Lupe Tart December 26, 2007
To fishbowl a car during a snow storm. The snow covers the car making it into a smoke-filled igloo.
Man, we iglooed Bill's Subaru last night, got so baked.
by Tigloo August 09, 2011
when you have a brain-freeze that lasts over 10 minutes
Daniel got an igloo after eating the frozen ice cream!
by J Mo January 31, 2003
The act of adhering - in the first person.
Igloo Me Epoxy
by Sas January 23, 2004
The act of cumming on your sex partners face
Awww, Dave. I had no choice but to give Charleens an igloo all over her face.

I gave that eskimo an igloo so hard it went in her eye.
by thomasdee September 07, 2008

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