"In Game Leader", or more casually called the caller is a person on a gaming team, mostly "Counter-Strike" who tells the team what to do, where to go, makes all the decisions.
Why are you going there, listen to the IGL.
by FeldyBush October 28, 2015
I'm genuinely laughing
*texting* "Did you see Sarah fall down the stairs? xD"
"IKR! IGL :-)"
by Amy1985 July 04, 2015
Opposite to IRL.

Means: In game life.
"Should I change my hair to green igl?"
by Pseudamon June 21, 2009
Originating from the lovely city of Frisco, Texas, "IGL" is an acronym meaning "I get laid" or "I got laid", depending on how it is used. A spin-off of this is "UGL", meaning, of course, "you get laid", used as a question. Used mostly as a joke, such as when a girl asks to borrow a pencil in class and you turn to your friend and excitingly proclaim "IGL!"
Guy #1: Hi, how's it going?
Girl: Good. How about you?
Guy #1: No complaints. Well, bye.
(Girl leaves)
Guy #2: Dude, did UGL?
Guy #1: Right on bro, IGL to the max!
by bangbangskeetskeet January 08, 2008
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