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In-game Leader
"Our IGL only knows shit-ass tactics.
by gUlkb July 11, 2010
5 1
Opposite to IRL.

Means: In game life.
"Should I change my hair to green igl?"
by Pseudamon June 21, 2009
6 3
Originating from the lovely city of Frisco, Texas, "IGL" is an acronym meaning "I get laid" or "I got laid", depending on how it is used. A spin-off of this is "UGL", meaning, of course, "you get laid", used as a question. Used mostly as a joke, such as when a girl asks to borrow a pencil in class and you turn to your friend and excitingly proclaim "IGL!"
Guy #1: Hi, how's it going?
Girl: Good. How about you?
Guy #1: No complaints. Well, bye.
(Girl leaves)
Guy #2: Dude, did UGL?
Guy #1: Right on bro, IGL to the max!
by bangbangskeetskeet January 08, 2008
7 4