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1) to do it
2) something sick
1) you just have it to igg it.
2) i caught maw and dad going at it...igg it!
by x January 16, 2004
21 3
1. An "iggit" is slang for {idiot]. It most likely originated down South, probably by rednecks.
1. If that iggit does that again Ima blow his head off!
by IrishDaddy2U April 12, 2010
13 1
someone who is completely idiotic.

someone who rolls playdough into stupid shapes like a star or galaxy.

completely selfabsorbed and thinks they know everything in the world but in reality knows absolutely nothing compared to a best friend who knows everything.
"OMG Maritn you know absolutely nothing!"
"Heck yeah i do."
"Your such an iggit"
by bruno-ism December 02, 2009
7 3