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pronounced ee-gah

what chinese people say when they're on the verge of busting a nut/ovary. Chinese version of the phrase "omg im coming!!
(chinese people fucking)

chick: ahh ahhh ayyyyy ahhh kwaa kwaaaa!

dude: ahh ahh iga! IGA! IGA IGA IGA!! (busts on her face)
by bojzzle September 15, 2007
A local grociery store; Shit place being outed by Wal-mart;
Whore house with treats; Store people can buy any food and catch any disease at the same time
I'm sick, that food I bought from IGA is killing me.

I got laid last night. I just flashed a Twenty in front of a cashier from IGA and got lucky.

Uhh... Doctor, I got this rash and don't know how I got it.
Doctor Replies: Well, did you go to the IGA?
by Biff Hermes, local IGA stockboy January 06, 2006