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Great little party town in Alberta, Canada. Stands for Booze And Narcotics Fuck Fest.
"I'm headin out to Banff this weekend, need me some pussy"
by lu January 05, 2005
the sound it makes when a girl gets punched in the lady junk
*someones kicks girl in the lady junk* **BANFF!**
by FFIforever December 14, 2010
A place where Asians have discovered that unicorns still exist.
Asian whilst using camcorder - "I thought unicorns extinct, but unicorn live in Banff"
by J Bizz Dawg October 16, 2011
n. The sound made by a girl when she gets punched in her lady junk.

v. The act of punching a girl in her lady junk.
Dude...she was pissing me off so I totally BANFFED her!
by FightingForIthGirl;) December 13, 2010
A town in Alberta, Canada; a touristic showplace. Stands for Be aware, nothing for free.
Canadian Rockies Tour: Banff.
by Karel Panek January 04, 2009
Pertaining to, or descriptive of, that kind of facial expression which is impossible to achieve except when having a passport photograph taken, which results in happas (q.v.).
by Nick March 28, 2003

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