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Awsome person that actually cares about people but does not care about what people think of her. She is also very smart.
idsanty dosnt give a shit what people think.
by hyashuku April 18, 2005
Actually I do have respect for others.I don't have respect for little pricks that go around screaming their AIM sn for attention. And I also don't have respect for people that call me "dik" or a "noob". AND I also hate people that are so fucking stupid that can't even spell school or a simple insult correctly.

Oh and you're tired of me? Boofuckinghoo idiot.Noone gives a fuck.You don't have to read what I type.But since you choose to then it's your own fault that you are tired like a fatass.

Go back to ESOL class bub.
*gasp* who told you about my deadily secret of living in a garbage can!!?!?!?!
by Idsanty March 24, 2005
If you actually read what I had said about Steven or Jessica, Gotti Lover, then you would have known that I wasn't talking shit and that I wasn't on their "dicks" to begin with.
Now that I got that out of the way, you my friend are a fucking idiot. I'm not in a low class.....thanks for wondering though. Maybe if you took that huge pole that says "I think I know everything" out of your ass.....you would be able to see that. If I was in a low class I wouldn't be making fun of people with bad grammar. Like.....is not spelled with a y.
Your whole rant on me is totally off. Because obviously you can't read or havn't read anything that I have said about Jessica or that Steven guy.I tried to defend Jessica without even knowing her.... so now YOU look like the bitch. And in Steven's case ..... I was simply asking if the people that are oh-so-obssessed actually talk to the guy.
By any chance are you gifted?
by Idsanty May 07, 2005
a stupidass bitch dat all she does is talk shit about ppl she dont know lyk 4 example steven!! he happens 2 be one of my best friends n dis bitch is sweating him lyk no 2morrow!! get da fuk off his dick!! n stop talking shit cuz it takes a slut 2 know one so get off jessica's dick 2!! u low class bitch n stop saying shit about mlms cuz bitch ur punk ass goes there n ur da type of ppl dat makes dat skool gay!!! stupid slut!!!
low classbirch dat talks shit
by gOtTi lOvEr April 18, 2005
most dumbest stupid piece of shit dat i am tired of. go suck a fucking dick u dumb dick ass mofo, wtf is ur real name u stupid shit u talk a lot lot of stupid non sense, and ur a fucking smart-ass piece of shit. damn wonder where the fuck u got ur name.
idsanty= idiot who lives in a garabage can and has no repsect for others.
by ur dad March 21, 2005