1. A Southern "slang" term for idiot.

2. small little creatures that live in old people's ear hair.
1. Get out of that thar thunderstorm, you idget!

2. Sheldon forgot to wash and was infested with idgets.
by Ubermeister November 05, 2007
midget without the m.used to refeer to small people who aren't midgets but are really small

created by:shanos and ethos
ethan"look at the idget run.hahah.hes like a penguin."shane"i run like a baller.not a penguin,and i am the dankest idget ever.
by shane9 June 26, 2007
Someone who is not short enough to qualify midget status but still too small to be considered below normal height.
Justin was barely too tall to be inducted in to the Little People's Association of America, he was rejected because he was an idget.
by Chris812 June 16, 2007
Cross between an idiot and a midget.
What are you some kind of idget?
by naenod May 13, 2008
The opposite of a midget. A very tall and thin person with long arms and legs.
Peter Crouch is such an idget.

It would be hilarious if an idget married a midget.
by Dr.Awesome November 12, 2007
an idiotic midget
you an idget.
by Cody Paquette March 01, 2003
The burning sensation in or around your butt hole after explosive diarrhea.
Damn man i got an idget right now...
by Pigiddy September 06, 2006

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