A deepwoods word sometimes used mistakenly in place of Idea.
Distant kin of this person may also use the word Idear.
*note- even funnier to hear idear through one tooth.
Tim "Basicly, we'll starve if we don't eat or whatever."
Don "Lets go get some lunch"
Tim "Thats a great ideal!"
by Yi Hall May 20, 2008
Top Definition
That which does not ostensibly exist and is futile to achieve yet without which our lives are utterly devoid of meaning.
Idealists are never truly happy.
by Killing Kittens May 18, 2004
Summit that is perfect or ur happy with.
This tracks ideal
by Kevin Lund March 10, 2004
A word used to describe the act of deficating in which the feces leaves the rectum so cleanly, that you don't even have to reach for toilet paper. You can truly tell when you have a real "ideal".`
Hey guys, I just had the perfect "ideal". Didnt even have to reach for paper.
by DrumBum March 02, 2005
A DJ who blends electronic music seamlessly together using turntables, cd players, mixer, and headphones. A DJ who can make you want to dance.
The music that was playing at the club last night was ideal.
by Chelsea Carrington October 26, 2005
see Idea from dictionary.com , one's thought on a subject
1.I cannot open the PDF files. Any ideals?
2.Robert has some good ideals and on how we should move forward
3.Any ideals would be welcome, I noted a couple of ideals I have below.
by WiseJames September 09, 2005

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