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Three white kids from Toccoa, Georgia who tried to cut a rap album and posted press pictures of themselves on the web, posing as "gangstaz" in front of rented cars with bling bling. See also "wigger".
The Icy Hot Stuntaz think they are tha shizzle, when really they are wiggaz.
by B-SHOC May 24, 2004
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A bunch of stupid kids with too much time on their hands, posing in front of cars that are obviously not theirs, flashing gang signs and using the words "Niggaz" Too much.
by Anonymous July 01, 2003
Biggest wankstas in world history. Think they are gangsta and bad-ass, when their cars are rented, their jewelry is fake, and they are from suburban Georgia. I hope real gangstas find them and show them what its really like to be from the streets.
The Icy Hot Stuntaz are fags.
by Dewey June 29, 2004
Posers who pretend to be gangsta, but fail at it. They post in all caps because they're attention whores.
Icy hot stuntaz suck
#wigger #poser #retard #faker #dumbass
by Darth Vicious April 02, 2006
A group of 3 white kids who 'rap' it's obvious they set up their site as a joke and clearly do not take themselves seriously, yet still people post that they are wiggers and aren't really 'hood' THAT IS THE POINT! THATS THE JOKE! seems like the joke is on these idiots taking it seriously!
guy one: omg the icy hot stuntaz are so fake, those cars prolly arent even theirs and that bling looks fake

me: your really a idiot
#stuntaz #icy hot #wigger #fake #poser
by p0tcha May 20, 2007
Noun: Meaning Gay, Very Gay. These guys are domestic drivin' e-thugs. gonna date your sister today.
Man that fag is an icy hot stunta.
by Anonymous June 17, 2003
three wanna be white boyz, who believe in their white noize, playin' with each others lil' toyz
bling, blang and twang luv mostest each others icy hot stuntaz'
by Ikhabod Pain January 05, 2005
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