I see pee.
Person#1: Hey look on the stage! I think i.c.p.!Did somebody piss behind those microphones?

Person#2: No, that's just some stupid rapping clowns.

Juggalo: I'ma cut joo wit dis hatchet mutha facko!
by Peaceful J December 04, 2009
Worst FUCKING band in the whole world. They should be lined up and get their own hatchets thrown at their heads until they die a slow and painful death. Anyone who listens to them should be beat up by little 12 year old kids cause thats all they can handle.
Lets go kill ICP
by Stairway Ghoul April 06, 2010
The most hated band in the world. Most people hate them because they see other people doing it. Other people hate them because ICP says a lot of things against other rappers and people from mainstream media. But I think one of the biggest reasons that hate is thrown at them is jealousy. Everyone is jealous of someone else. I'll admit that some of their songs could be better, but name a band that doesn't have some bad songs. Their fans are called Juggalos. and almost everyone despises Juggalos because 50% of us are idiots, and people think that they can say we're all morons because of a few Juggalos they meet. The smart Juggalos we have don't really care about the hate because its just publicity for the Insane Clown Posse.
Dude: Man I heard of this band called icp. I bet they suck! Everyone else says they do.
Man: Think 4 yourself! Don't base your own opinions on others. I think their song called Fuck The World is badass! Listen to Cherry Pie or The Neden Game if you want some funny songs. Be your own person alright dude? : P
by SweetBeetz November 12, 2010
Insane Clown Posse, a bunch of dumbass clowns that write songs about miracles, fucking fat chicks, and hunting chickens. The Insane Clown Posse also comes with an insane fanbase. Their fans call themselves "Juggalos", not to be confused with jiggalos, which are male prostitutes. Juggalos live and breath ICP, which normally, being the tolerating person that I am, I don't really care what kind of music you listen to, but "Juggalos" are always up in your face about ICP, rapping their retarded songs in your face. Oh yeah, and if you make fun of their ICP shit, they get hella pissed. Its pretty funny.
*ICP releases new song, just as shitty as any of their other songs*

Juggalo: Hey dude! Did you hear ICP's new song? *starts singing it*

Normal person: No, sorry, I don't listen to that shit.

Juggalo: Oh what about this one? *starts singing another song*

Normal person: No, ICP is shit. (says calmly)


(Normal person punches Juggalo, Juggalo begins to cry and runs away)
by awesome man17 October 11, 2011
icp is known to people who r stupid as insane clown posse...well nobody likes them that much so it actually stands for..... I.gnorant C.ock P.ullers
dude icp is so gay they r known as ignorant cock pullers
by mini-mayhem December 08, 2010
eminem x 2 + makeup + slightly less crappy music = ICP
I don't think music was supposed to ever get this crappy... save the music? it's already dead.
by shavemygrundle July 19, 2005
Insane Clown Posse-Queer Motherfuckers that try to be "down with da clown" but are really stupid and gay.
Juggalo: I am down with the clown
Me: *takes out gun* *POP!!!!*
Juggalo: Shit!!!!!
by Luda Naroditskiy March 08, 2005

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