ICP stands for Insane Clown Posse.ICP originated from Detriot,Michigan as Inner City Posse as a basement group. The two members are Violent J(Joseph Bruce) and Shaggy2Dope(Joseph Utsler). Both members have been long time friends since childhood. They both were raised in low standard of living but still became one of the greatest bands in the country.They are a part of Psychopathic Records. ICP follows the Dark Carnival a series of Six Joker Cards(Carnival of Carnage,Ringmaster,The Riddlebox,The Great Milenko,The Amazing Jeckel Brothers,The Wraith)which reflect
the parts of a persons soul. ICP also has been accused of being a cilt but on the release of "The Wraith" they announced they were followers of God. ICP has a Large group of fans called Juggalos(Males)and Juggalettes(Females). Most Juggalos/lettes are EXTREMELY protective of their lifestyle. Juggalos traditionally wear facepaint to show who they are.
Many mainstream artists dislike or hate ICP(Eminem, Dre).
All artists under Psycpathic records do not care what all haters think. They are agaist Racism and "Labeling". Most juggalos also dont care haters words. Many people find stupid reasons to hate on juggalos(The Fanbase,The typing but that honestly has nothing to do with anything,What they are about,Cursing).
ICP is the best group out there.
The joker cards reflect your soul.
The Carnival of Carnage is your Life holding all your sins and good deeds
The RingMaster is the leader who makes the choices.(Your Mind)
The Riddlebox is the box of influence between Shangri-la or hells pit(Your influence)
The Great Milenko is the necromancer.(Your Desire)
The Amazing Jeckel Brothers(Jake and Jack Jeckel Jake being your love and kindness and Jack being your Hatred and anger.)Juggle your Sins in life to show where your disposition is in you life.(Your Sins)
The Wraith is your guide to Shangri-La or Hell's Pit.(Your end)

by JJ the motha fucking clown December 23, 2007
ICP - short for Insane Clown Posse.

When something is rather great, more amazing then great it then becomes ICP.

When a person preforms a great act, nay an amazing act of any kind they are ICP.

Used by the Armadale mangs.
Dylan: Did you hear about the other night mang?
Mang: No what happened?
Dylan: We got heaps of free #2's and I burnt down MacDonalds.
Mang: Sounds ICP.
Dylan: Definately ICP, no doubt about it mang.
by Stiz5 Master February 01, 2007
Insane clown posse

Known for their large fan base of "juggalos". a very good rap group.
ICP enjoys being a hated group so for those on this site trashing them its only pleasing them and pissing off the juggalos
by Orion Geib July 26, 2005
the icp is the definition of Wicked. You cant possibly see shaggy 2 Dope or Violent J without saying damn those guyz are wicked because they are. The insane clown posse is in fact detroit based and they arn't wiggers they do this shit for real. Before it was the Insane Clown Posse it was the South West Clique in Detroit, they had their shit bumping the underground, but because of their fuck you mentality they dont get the credit they deserve. Eminem is a good artist but he bends to the standards, the ICP have been saying what ever the fuck they want when they want and never have they stopped. The Hatchet will always run beneath the streets and the Wicked Clownz wont ever die!!! thats for real, so if you think they are wiggers step back and look at eminem hes the real wigger in the biz it aint the ICP!! icp is a band that deserves respect.
icp are wicked.
A poem by Shaggy 2 Dope: A beauitiful Butterfly landed just a smidgen from my eye and i said to my little Friend GET THE FUCK OFF ME BUG!!!!!!!!!!!
Im Chillen Im illin wit my Gutz all over the Ceiling!!
by P.J. The Wiked NiNjA July 31, 2006
Insane Clown Posse
Rock/Rap music group that have strived for greatness with the help of them selves, Joseph Utsler and Joseph Bruce, also know as Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. A growing fan base for over ten years, called juggalos, has brought over a million people all over the world closer. To be a juggalo, you are committing to a family. Something greater than a family. I can't spell the greatest, jump the highest, or run the fastest, but I don't waste my time looking up bands that I don't like, so I can diss them behind the safety of a computer. I listen to all music, but I would still Kick some ass if i found the people being Jack asses talking about what they don't know about ICP. I'm down wit tha clown, 'til i'm ded in tha ground. and there's nothing that any body can do about it. I can give a rats ass what you listen to, it can even be something that I like. Just don't hate me for being a juggalo, don't hate me for being different. With my face paint on it is a chance to be someone else other than myself in my normal world. If you can't do anything like that, then your shallow minded and just stupid. Besides there are more juggalos then you think, and you will see this sometime or another, and it will scare you if you aren't ready.
Faygo was sprayed on everybody at the ICP concert.
by Homer Juggalo April 26, 2006
ICP is one of the greatest bands in the world. Most people think that Violent J and Shaggy are satanists, racists, homophobic, ect. But ICP has nothing to do with that. They are not satanists even though they might act like they are. They believe in god and want to go to Shangri La or Heaven. They are not racist or homophobic. They rap about all of the juggalos and runnin with lunatics. I am a juggalette and i listen to ICP, Twiztid, ABK, ect. But i also listen to Usher, 50 Cent, Chingy, ect. So you dont only hae to listen to ICP to be a juggalo either.
ICP is the shit! Im down with the clown and im down 4 life yo!
by Lisa May 17, 2005
The worst, least talented "musicians" of the 21st century. If you don't know who these pussies are, I'll give you a few details:

-They wear clown makeup.
-They "rap" about the stupidest, most inane things.
-They have many dumbass fans(see Juggalos) who feel that they are being "underground" by listening to pure shit.
-They have some wierd hatred for Eminem.
Juggalo: "ICP rock my cock!"
Normal person: Please...just...go away
by Ghetto Chad April 19, 2005

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