Insane Clown Posse formerly known as Inner City Posse. Most people know these as Rappers/Rockers from Detriot, who have a contract with Psychopathic Records, creating such songs as Piggy Pie, What is a Juggalo, Great Milenko and Hokus Pokus... but ICP does further than that.

ICP were 2 wrestler team in WCW, where at that time they had their own wrestling promotion with Psychopathic Records called JCW (Juggalo Championshit Wrestling) which was rated at the time #2 behind the WWE. Currently they are in a wrestling federation called NWA-TNA, with their manager 2 tuff Tony.

ICP have had fieds with plenty of people for various reasons, however the most famous and ever lasting fued is between ICP and Eminem. The fued started where Eminem said ICP "might" be playing at his first gig, however he did not ask permission from ICP. Since then Eminem has been doing skits of ICP and songs insulting ICP (e.g. Business). ICP in return has done the same (e.g. Slim Anus), including an incident where an Eminem inflatable was taken onstage at a concert and abused by ICP.

ICP have a few rapping homies in Twizted, Esham, Zug, 2 live crew and Kottonmouth Kings.
"Don't disrespect an ICP fan or you might find yerself with a hatchet implant to the head."
by Angry Calaen September 28, 2004
ICP, short of Insane Clown Posse.
Insane Clown Posse is just about one of the most hated groups ever. With N'Sync and Backstreet Boys in close 2nd and 3rd positions. But, most people that hate them, hate them for ignorant and irrational reasons.
If you do hate them, or juggalos/lettes, or both; The mature lot of us, which is most, don't care, as long as you don't diss them or us. We are not all wigger 12 year olds, who can't type.
ICP is a great band, with great songs. And, although many do not realize it, they have great messages. They don't care what you think of them, so why even try to diss them?
If you don't like the wicked shit, either keep it to yourself around the los and lettes, or say it politely.
"Because I'm a Juggalo and all I want is my flava. Four simple things in this bitch, before I die..."
by Melya August 06, 2005
icp stands for insane clown posse
1. i was listening to icp last night.

2. icp made a song making fun of eminem.
by tipsy503 December 28, 2007
a badass rap band. I.C.P. stands for Insane Clown Posse.They wear clown make up and dress like clowns sometimes.
"all self repectin juggalos an thugs are down wit the clown.I.C.P. is da shit ese!"
by mateo chavez August 05, 2007
ICP stands for Insane Clown Posse.ICP originated from Detriot,Michigan as Inner City Posse as a basement group. The two members are Violent J(Joseph Bruce) and Shaggy2Dope(Joseph Utsler). Both members have been long time friends since childhood. They both were raised in low standard of living but still became one of the greatest bands in the country.They are a part of Psychopathic Records. ICP follows the Dark Carnival a series of Six Joker Cards(Carnival of Carnage,Ringmaster,The Riddlebox,The Great Milenko,The Amazing Jeckel Brothers,The Wraith)which reflect
the parts of a persons soul. ICP also has been accused of being a cilt but on the release of "The Wraith" they announced they were followers of God. ICP has a Large group of fans called Juggalos(Males)and Juggalettes(Females). Most Juggalos/lettes are EXTREMELY protective of their lifestyle. Juggalos traditionally wear facepaint to show who they are.
Many mainstream artists dislike or hate ICP(Eminem, Dre).
All artists under Psycpathic records do not care what all haters think. They are agaist Racism and "Labeling". Most juggalos also dont care haters words. Many people find stupid reasons to hate on juggalos(The Fanbase,The typing but that honestly has nothing to do with anything,What they are about,Cursing).
ICP is the best group out there.
The joker cards reflect your soul.
The Carnival of Carnage is your Life holding all your sins and good deeds
The RingMaster is the leader who makes the choices.(Your Mind)
The Riddlebox is the box of influence between Shangri-la or hells pit(Your influence)
The Great Milenko is the necromancer.(Your Desire)
The Amazing Jeckel Brothers(Jake and Jack Jeckel Jake being your love and kindness and Jack being your Hatred and anger.)Juggle your Sins in life to show where your disposition is in you life.(Your Sins)
The Wraith is your guide to Shangri-La or Hell's Pit.(Your end)
by JJ the Clown February 14, 2008
The most hated band on the planet. Also the GREATEST band ever created. Comprised of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, two white boys from Detroit. Hated because they swear and use violence to get attention. Also because of misconception. Released 6 albums, known as the Joker's Cards . Let's look at this information more in depth.

(a) Hated because of misconception- Many people look at Juggalosand see a wanna-be. Let me clear this up for you.
We don't paint our faces everyday, usually only for concerts (known as gatherings) and special occasions. We are not all uneducated. I personally am an English major, can speak properly, have an extensive vocabulary, and can spell without computerized help. We are not racist, homophobic, or violent. We treat others with respect until they disrespect us. We call ourselves FAMILY because that's what we are. We are a group of people from all walks of life who found a common tie in the music of this band.

(b) The Joker's Cards Based upon a dream Violent J had, which is said to have shown what the world will become if we continue on the path we are on now. The message conveyed in these 6 albums is that we need to stop hating each other, hurting each other, and holding our prejudices. Shangri'la is said to be not Juggalo Heaven, like many believe, but what the world can be if we stop fighting and work together. It is Paradise on Earth.
ICP--- Insane Clown Posse, Wicked Juggalo's

To all of you out there hating, SUCK ON THIS BITCH, WE PSYCHOPATHIC! For all the family, MWCL. If any of ya'll wanna retaliate, or if any of the family wants to talk, Yahoo im is jagermeister.princess
by Brandi AKA Princess Juggalette November 30, 2006
The most fucking awsome band in the hole fucking world.
Girl: Who is I.C.P.?
Guy: They are the fucking awsomest band in the world
by Taylor Franklin August 23, 2006

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