Marijuana, cannabis, ganja, weed, chronic. Etc. and so forth.
I like to partake of the icky sticky on a regular basis, because it makes me feel chewy.
by Germ March 15, 2003
Top Definition
Cervical mucus, as defined in the television series "Scrubs".
My icky sticky is peaking, so now would be a premo time to impregnate me.
by Economilx June 28, 2006
Germ loves teh icky sticky!
by L1quid March 15, 2003
Bud, Weed, Reffer, maruaijina, dank, mary jane, Ect.
I got some great icky-sticky this weekend.
by Ruhhnaie November 12, 2008
horrid,nice and tangable,chewey and yummy,pooey something usually related to cum,monkeys or pizza delivery boys.
"he got all icky sticky on me," "i was icky sticky when he looked at me"
by jasmin-xian March 13, 2006
A slnag word for a plasma granade in halo 3, due to it's anhesive properties, it can stick to a person and blow them up.
Spartan:"Hey man, I was playing a halo 3 game yesterday and I stuck someone with an icky sticky from across the map!"
by James Marcopolo March 17, 2008
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