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Ichi is the Japanese word for one.
I have ichi dollor in my pocket.
by Bad_the_swordsman October 29, 2005
In Japanese, "One."

In English and Spanish" "Sweet feisty one who brings light, laughter, songs and warmth wherever she goes, but will shut you down quick if you're being stupid".

Ichi's are known for their strong bonding properties, their ability to light up and warm up even the largest spaces, their ability to cut through the BS like a chainsaw, their ability to find the right song to sing for ever occasion, and the right word to solve just about anything that's troubling you.

In short, fairies should take notes when they observe an Ichi.
She really knows how to just Ichi up a room.

It's not as bad as you think, Ichi is on her way!

You'll never get away with that if Ichi sees you.
by zombiesnax November 28, 2010
(adj) mainly used for girls; someone who is adorable and leaves one utterly breathless

synonyms:sexy, adorable, cute

antonyms: ugly
My girlfriend is ichi.
by AceSpades February 24, 2010
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