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a dumb ho that squirts your cum out of her pussy into jars and saves it in her fridge so that she can impregnate herself later if you piss her off or don't want to commit.
'i heard you went out with jane'
'don't piss her off. she's an icer.'
by pappy July 17, 2004
Nice, Unbelivable, extravagant.
That House is Icer = That House is nice.
by ditsy_rover August 01, 2009
Icers originates in Jack Speak, slang used by The Royal Navy (UK). It means "cold".
Seaman Stains: Oi Captain, don,t bum me over this barrel, it's icers out here tonight.
Captain: Shut up - I've been at sea for months...I need this.
by digitalnonsense August 31, 2008
When a man takes a bag of ice and drops it on his scrotum just at the point of climax while masturbating. The idead is that the cold ice shocks the testicles and thus produces an exciting feeling.
Jon couldn't believe the orgasm he experiences when he gave himself an icer.
by stinky July 22, 2004