A woman who looks great above the waist, but carries 90% of her mass below the surface. (i.e. has an extremely large booty and legs)
Friend #1, "That chick across the bar is hot!"
Friend #2, "Careful Dude, I think she's an ice berg....Keep far away."
by bsminnesota November 01, 2007
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A person who has a skinny face and head--attractive even--but has a body like a blubbery Tiger Tank. Like a real iceberg, the majority of girth is often unseen (applies most relevantly to checking out people while driving).
She was looking to be a hot one when she pulled into the parking lot at the grocery store until she got out of the car and revealed she was an astonishing iceberg. I started walking the other way.
by rigamarole November 16, 2007
A coil of poop large enough to protrude from the surface of the water in the toilet. Usually a direct result of volcanic colon, aka, fire of a thousand anuses.
Used manly as a warning:

by poopinater January 04, 2005
a fat rock of cocaine
whoa, that's a fucking iceburg you just placed on the cd case. cut that shit up and let's get zooted
by alf December 21, 2003
When you expel such a vast quantity of shit that it breaks the surface of the water in the toilet bowl.
Dude, I just put an iceberg in the toilet. Guess Hot wings and Taco Bell wasn't a good combination.
by Atti Black March 12, 2011
a line of cheap ass apparel that wannabe black white kids wear and think theyre cool. Wearin a fuckin snoopy t shirt, thats real stylin HA
Stupid Goomba
Dumb Goomba thought he was the shit in some cheap ass iceberg clothes, the only reason hes wearin it is cause he heard it in a rap song
by destroyer3 October 05, 2006
(n): An iceberg is a large mound of poop high enough that the tip is peaking out of the water, thereby resembling an iceberg.

alternatives: to iceberg, iceberged, iceberging
Dude, I'm iceberging right now, I can practically feel the poop piling up to my ass.
by smqcrew February 06, 2011
A big booty white chick that looks good as hell when you are hitting from behind; Porn star Sara Jay for instance
When doing doggy style "Damn baby give me that ice berg (big white ass)"
by Aldo1 January 10, 2008

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