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To be homosexual.
That guy is batting for the other team
by elf August 23, 2003
Well, where do I begin? When it comes to Mike Shinoda, I can't even put a limit on the number of amazing things he has done in his career and the things he has done to mold into the wonderful person he is. I just saw him at the 2004 Meteora tour, and while I can't discredit the rest of the band because without them there would be no band, there was something about Mike that stood out amongst the rest...maybe it was his upbeat personality? When I read this profile of him, I was shocked at his interests in art because a lot of it reminded me of myself, and I'm not just saying that. I love art too, and it doesn't hurt that Mike is also extremely good-looking and unique. Mike, never give up and always listen to yourself, not the media!
A great guy-no matter what
by ELF January 27, 2004
A rather strange blend of British and Texan peoples, with only one known being to exist. Can be very sneak though does not work at the North Pole.
'Allo, are you Elfinster?
by Elf February 14, 2005
A japanese/jewish person, who is useually short and/or annoying
Dammit, here that japajew comes
by Elf December 25, 2004
Alternate spelling of hyowm.
- That's hyowm.
- Actually it's spelled heowm.
- No it isn't
- Yes it is.
by elf September 14, 2004
completion; wholeness; togetherness; phrase 'for composity's sake' the reason for most things occurring.
- Why did you open that jar of pickle?
- For composity's sake.
- Oh OK.
by elf October 10, 2004
Robinson's Fruit and Barley drink, especially citrus flavour.
- Do you want a drink?
- Have you got any zittywell?
- Sure thing.
by elf September 14, 2004
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