a term used by members of Alpha Phi Alpha frat that is used to express the phrase "bros before hoes". By saying that they are ice cold they can take care of any important busness without any female in their way.
Ugly Girl: hey you look real gud. wanna go upstairs ;)
Alpha: naw girl
Random Dude: dang she was gunna give it up. why u turn that down!?!?
Alpha: cause I'm ice cold biatch!
by ecu greek girl 2 March 10, 2010
Top Definition
what's cooler than being cool
andre 3000: hey fellas
fellas: yeah?
andre 3000: what's cooler than being cool?
fellas: ice cold!
by aesop rock October 26, 2003
to be in a state of complete self control

usually a referance to staying cool enough to not sport wood in the presence of a fine lady
"just stay cool man, ice cold"
translation : don't embarass yourself with a huge hardon, have some class, relax. picture ice cold.
by mig January 18, 2004
It whats cooler than being cool.
andre 3000: Alright now fellas
fellas: YEAH?
andre 3000: Whats cooler than bein' cool?
fellas: ICE COLD!
andre 3000: I cant hear ya, I said, whats cooler than bein cool?
fellas: ICE COLD!!!
by Miyuk P June 05, 2006
cooler than cool
Andre (ice cold) 3000
by yo momma September 23, 2003
Cooler than being cool.
When Fonzie hit the jukebox, it played Wild Thang. That was icecold.
by dorkisusmaximus December 15, 2008
The state of pulling ones hand away right before contact on a High Five or a Handshake to make fun of the person.
Jon just ice colded Smegal.
by Kyle Treece September 13, 2004
weed that is so frosty with trichomes that it appears it has sat out over night and been snowed on. so frosty it appears ice cold.
Yo man this bud is some straight fire!
Nah dude, its ice cold!
by fishingfighter July 26, 2010
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