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1. Greek Mythology. The son of Daedalus who, in escaping from Crete on artificial wings made for him by his father, flew so close to the sun that the wax with which his wings were fastened melted, and he fell into the Aegean Sea.
2. An asteroid with an eccentric orbit approaching within 30 million kilometers (19 million miles) of the sun.
"like Icarus we rise and like Icarus we fall".
by Alexandra* September 19, 2005
Verb. When a person does something with such intensity it results in spectacular failure.
She would icarus about people's houses, determined to be the perfect guest. No-one would invite her over for fear of having their DVDs categorized and their kitchen reorganized past all recognition.
by 6li7ch August 05, 2015
That one really awesome guy from that one place where stuff and things happened
Do you remember that guy?
Ummmm. .. was it Icarus?

I dunno but he was awesome.
by Illumifuckingnaughty August 28, 2016
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