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Inverted Butter Face

Whereas a "Butter Face" will have a rockin body but a less than acceptable face (averaging her rating down 2 points on a scale 1-10 where 4 is fuckable), an Inverted Butter Face will have an amazing face, but a body that truly is terrible.

IBFs are more often than not found on the internet taking advantage of photo cropping to conceal their deal-breaking flaws in several pictures. Note that their profile pictures will all be of their faces and other photographs will seldom include the rest of their bodies. Make sure you don't start flirting with one of these women, god forbid you'd ever have to touch one in real life.
Jimmy: Hey bro, I was flirting with this girl on fb. She's moving in to the room right next to ours. I'm away this weekend and I was wondering if you could do some recon for me cause she looks like a babe in some pictures but in a few of them she looks like a GOD NO NEVER kinda girl.

Tom: Nah dude, checked her out today, she's a total IBF. I'd stay away.
by TheNatorGator August 22, 2014
Irritable Bitch Face
Guy 1: how did she get offended by that? tell your girlfriend to take a chill pill.

Guy 2: ya i know. she overreacts all the time. she's being a total ibf.
by ienjoycows December 09, 2010
Initial Bullshit Factor -IBF also known as IBSF.

The Initial Bullshit Factor or IBF is the thing you have to take into consideration whenever someone irreliable, or someone with a history of lying tells you something.
Guy 1- So Joey was telling me about how he had a massive orgy with the ENTIRE cheerleading squad. And immediately I took into consideration his IBF. And so I just told him SFW dude. Your an AWFUL liar. Later I found out he was telling the truth, but how was I suppose to know he lies about EVERYTHING!!
by Freddy P. June 11, 2008
IBF is an acronym for "Imaginary Best Friend". It is used in reference to a celebrity or high profile person who one likes to fantasize about being a friend. It's similar to celebrity crush in the imaginary aspect, but IBF is not a romantic fantasy, it's about friendship.
Reese Witherspoon is my IBF (Imaginary Best Friend), and right at this moment, she is within a five-mile radius of me filming a movie. (From a story called "Pieces of Reese" at NBC4 Washington website.)
by Maggie Gyllenhaal September 13, 2009
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