A smart, cute, funny boy who can make any one smile. Exspecially the love of his life, he loves her to death. His sweetness is memorible and his smile is impeccable. His laugh is memorizing. You fall in love with his personality instantly. You will never forget him, as hard as you try.
Ian gives me a lady boner.
by Hellojoyceeee July 12, 2014
Male Name; Ian's are typically calm and collected in any situation. They tend to keep to themselves and are often very quiet, but once you get to know them they smile easily and laugh frequently. Ian's are a great catch so don't let them go.
Girl: Wow! You got a job as an anesthesiologist? That's great Ian!
by Garrett's Babe June 29, 2014
Scottish for "John." An amazing man with a wonderful sense of humor, great taste in music and movies, cooks well, and has the ability to be simultaneously nerdy and dashingly handsome. Claims to be a pain in the ass, but truthfully can make anyone's day better. You can only be so lucky to encounter one in your life.
"Have you met Ian?"

"Yea! Great guy. Told me all about Lord of the Rings, and was very charming while doing so."
by nippleski November 16, 2013
Lobo great hot can beat up any one espiecially a timmy so dont fuck with ian he will thwack you
Ian thwacked timmy in th face
by Kyle MURPHY December 27, 2012
An extremely sweet guy with great legs. Ian is very awkward and doesn't like what everyone else does. Some might say he is a hipster. They usually like their own kind.
Girl: Gee, Ian was really awkward today.
by Hoobuddyhoolabuddyla October 01, 2011
Awesome person, likes to joke around. Gets sent to the principals office often for joking around. Has tons of friends. Loves dogs and normally doesn't like cats. Above average in math, but hates home work! A person who can't get fat. Gets scholarships from soccer and running. Very athletic, very competive soccer player and runner.
Ian's love everyone and everything and are very grateful people.
Person 1; I want a friend who's awesome.
Person 2; when I look for a friend I try to find an Ian, they are just great guys!
by #1bo$$ September 14, 2014
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