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Stands for "If you know what I mean" Very useful when constructing internet double entendres
Ohhhh i think you can get it harder than that sonny... iYKwIM ;)
by becy October 18, 2005
used in conjunction with "AITYD". This is a prime example of how ridiculous internet abbreviations for chat / forum / messaging are getting.
User 1: "these abbreviations sure are getting ridiculously long IYKWIMAITYD..."

User 2: "yeah... 'btw', you're a FUCKING RETARD."
by truth March 31, 2005
Acronym. Stands for "If you know what I mean". Mainly used in instant messaging conversations. Can also be used in conjunction with "AITYD" (and I think you do).
"I could really go for a tossed salad for lunch."

"Oh, I've got a salad for you to toss, IYKWIM...AITYD."
by erin® November 24, 2003
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