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The effect that the release of hyped Apple products has on some people.
He got an iRection that lasted all day when he heard about the iPhone.
by Arphur June 27, 2007
Irection replaces the words
I And Reckon.
Can also be used as a non dirty form of the word Erection.
Person one: Omg, hes so ugly!
Person two: IRECTION

Person one: Sup?
person two: My Irection!
by Kateeee September 02, 2007
an erection given to yourself
i gave myself an irection
by andrew June 07, 2003
To agree

Another way of saying "i recon"
Person1: Wow that bitch is fat!

Person2: Irection!
by Evil M0nkey2 April 15, 2007

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