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What any Apple device, particularly the iPad becomes once you begin surfing porn for the purpose of self-gratification.
Franco Genovese: Seriously? You had a fight and she flew back home?
Malibu Jackson: Yep. I'm totally alone in the hotel, with three more days left on my vacation.
Franco Genovese: Are you coming home early then?
Malibu Jackson: Fuck no! I already paid. Fortunately, I had the foresight to pack my iPud.

Franco Genovese: Sweet. Love will find a way!
by Franco Genovese, Sr. June 17, 2011
The name of Apple Computer's vibrator. It is very stylish, and is far more stable than most standard personal vibrators(PV's). Sadly, it is often overlooked by most dildo-enthusiasts, as it only has one rib.
God damnit, my PV just crashed. I wish I had an iPud.
by Leo LaPorte February 08, 2005
A person who must wear his i-pod everywhere he goes in public; often seen nodding head to music in a delusional attempt to look cool and trendy. Frequently spotted at bus stops, college campuses and coffeehouses.

Cf. Bluetool. A bluetool thinks he is important, while an i-pud thinks he is cool.
I walked passed your boyfriend today on my way to class, he didn't say hi, he was being a total i-pud.
by jpc1 March 31, 2009
A person who listens to loud crappy music on headphones in a public place. Usually accompanied by an annoying foot tap or head bob.
"Some iPud sat next to me on the bus this morning. He was listening to Fallout Boy or some shit like that."
by Raule Duke June 09, 2007
Invisible Pink Unicorn denialist
He is a Christian so he does not believe in the Invisible Pink Unicorn. Therefore he is an IPUd
by IPUdist April 20, 2009
A combination of iPod and earbuds. An annoying person (usu. at work) who is constantly listening to his iPod and has their earbuds in so when you go to talk to them, you have to tap them on the shoulder, throw a stapler at them, etc. to get them to pull the earbuds out before you can have a conversation with them.
That guy in accounting is really annoying. He's such an ipud.
by Skibster November 16, 2007
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