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One who captures photos with an iPhone. Then edits, manipulates & presents them in a unique manner. This type of photography is also known as iPhoneography.
Sweet Cheeks Willie is an amazingly talented iPhoneographer.
by hard2find4 October 13, 2009
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One who takes exceptional photos using the iPhone.
Jenny is such a good iphoneographer. Her pictures could be on the cover of Time magazine.
by gir1iegir1 August 02, 2008
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Some dbag who pretends to be taking a photo or video with his Iphone when he really just wants to show everybody he owns an Iphone.
Ian saw a hot girl coming so he whipped out his Iphone and extended his arms as high and far as he could like a true iPhoneographer to pretend he was taking a picture, hoping the girl would see the logo and fall madly in love with him.
by tasteslikechicken February 12, 2012
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