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To have one's Identity stolen, as in hijacked.
I paid for my 3 rolled taco combo with my credit card, and the cashier stole my credit card number and I-jacked my identity.
by McJohnson June 22, 2006
When your e-communication efforts (text/emails/status updates) are thwarted by the auto correct feature on the iPhone, distorting your intended meaning.
person one writing on friends wall: don't forget we have to be at inventory at 7. would you like a ride?

Friend: yeah, thanks for offering. Thanks for the reminder, too. My member doesn't work so well these days. Old Age!

Person one: there's a pill for that:

Friend: Oh damn, my post was iJacked.

Husband: Babe i don't feel like cooking tonight can you bring home some human beef from golden china.

Wife: ewwww

Husband: oh no! HUNAN...i've been iJacked
by The Amalamps February 04, 2011
When your cell phone (specifically iphone) is used by another to send a text or take a picture without your knowledge.
When I wasn't looking, my best friend iJacked my phone and sent a text to my wife telling her she was ugly.
by Marco Polo! November 23, 2010
When someone control-freakishly brings their i-pod to the party and takes over.
We were listening to K&D when Igor totally i-jacked our air buzz and played Maroon 5 all night.
by Jamie Campbell July 28, 2005
Someone stole your ipod.
I left my ipod laying around and it was ijacked!
by for reasons unknown September 05, 2007