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(rhymes with testicles)
breasts that, with age, have come to sag down to the groin region.
Sure Madonna looks like she's in great shape, but if she lost the boulder-holders, her breasticles would become apparent.
by knifewounds October 03, 2008
noun. the increment by which awkwardness is amplified when in an elevator.
As the doors slid closed, entrapping me with that guy from the office party, my discomfort rose by a millicringe.
by knifewounds September 15, 2008
the particular linguistics brought on by the consumption of drugs. this can be verbosity as a result of amphetamines, or the ineloquent mumblings that follow cannabis.
what with my exponential smokabulary, i was able to write my entire end-of-term assignment in an our after just half a gram of meth!
by knifewounds July 18, 2008
a mental disorder wherein the afflicted person belives that one can never be too tanned. this manifests itself in the form of excessive sunning, use of sunbeds and solariums, and, in particularly unfortunate cases, extreme use of fake tan.
victims of tanorexia can be identified from a leathery skin texture and/or a brown or orange complexion.
as it stands there is no known cure for this terrible disease.
posh spice, all those orange girls you see appearing in early summer and old people who look like brown leather sofas are quite possible sufferers of tanorexia. tragic.
by knifewounds November 18, 2007
perpetually sidetracked as a result of amphetamine consumption.
"sorry i'm late... i got discrackted and cleaned the entire bathroom. then the laundry."
by knifewounds July 14, 2008
to commandeer someone else's iPod in order to critically peruse their library and publicly broadcast music
to force someone to listen to a song/songs/entire albums on your own iPod, making them continue to listen even when they are trying to politely refuse, because you are simply determined to exemplify how AWESOME this song/band/album is.
You: "Hey, hey listen to this-"
Me: "ah, no, it's ok,"
You: "No seriously, listen, its the BEST song."
Me:"...Alright...." *pause* "yeah, cool."
You: "Nonono, you gotta listen to it til the end."
Me: "um.... no, i think i get it..."
=totally iJacked!
by knifewounds July 14, 2008
the phenomenon wherein one seems absorb the altered states of one's companions, and begins to display the behaviours typical of the chemical in question.
"hey, you're talking at a million miles an hour and dancing to the beat of a dripping tap... but you're the only one here who hasn't taken anything!"
"hmmmm... must be chempathy. HAVE A GLOWSTICK!"
by knifewounds July 14, 2008
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