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To iJack is to share earphones with a fellow friend, deciding that you don't like that particular song or have come to believe that you've heard better songs in your time and change the song without the permission of the owner or to walk past a friend that is listening to an ipod, and take it from their hand.
Person A: *listening to iPod*
Person B: *takes iPod*
Person A: Bro, that was poker face
Person B: *listening to iPod*- shouts "iJacked!"
by Angelina Brolie-Hamish:) January 27, 2010
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When you hand someone your phone to show them a picture and they proceed to go back through all your other pictures.
I wanted to show my girlfriend a picture of the beach, but she iJacked my phone and went over all my old pictures, and my texts too!
by jh241d September 09, 2013
to commandeer someone else's iPod in order to critically peruse their library and publicly broadcast music
to force someone to listen to a song/songs/entire albums on your own iPod, making them continue to listen even when they are trying to politely refuse, because you are simply determined to exemplify how AWESOME this song/band/album is.
You: "Hey, hey listen to this-"
Me: "ah, no, it's ok,"
You: "No seriously, listen, its the BEST song."
Me:"...Alright...." *pause* "yeah, cool."
You: "Nonono, you gotta listen to it til the end."
Me: "um.... no, i think i get it..."
=totally iJacked!
by knifewounds July 14, 2008
to hijack a conversation and turn it into all about you
"I was talking to Alex about the Olympics but then he ijacked the convo and told me about his new car."

"I tried to talk about the math exam but he ijacked me and told me about his new phone from eBay."
by smithslapper September 24, 2008

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