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Internet Gangster. Pretty much every Wankster you meet on the internet which is probably some white, hispanic, asian, indian or even black dude who is over 40 years old and is still a virgin, weighs over 350 pounds eating chips all day and jackin off in his moms basement. This person will piss you off real quick by saying stuff in chat rooms like "yo imma bust a cap in yo ass if u say dat shit 1 moe time." or "imma kill yur ass muffucka u dont wanna fuk wit me nigga." or the famous "I'll fuck you up nigga." when you know they get their ass kicked every day.
*iGangster encounter on the urban dictionary chat*

Guest173839425: 18 f wet *some porn webcam url*

Guest536707387: 18 f wet *some porn webcam url*

immagangstarrandimmakillu: yo wats up my niggas?!

Guest671800131: 18 f wet *some porn webcam url*

Me: Shut the fuck up you little wankster.

Guest894345378: 18 f wet *some porn webcam url*

Other chat room guy: yea I agree.

immagangstarrandimmakillu: Yo if u say dat shit 1 moe time imma pop a cap in yo ass and rape ur momma.

Guest281978923: 18 f wet *some porn webcam url*

Me: Oh wow your hard, I'm sooo scared, please dont "pop a cap in my ass" and rape my mother *sarcasm*

Guest456798332: 18 f wet *some porn webcam url*

imagangstarrandimmakillu: yo nigga give me yo address so we can settle this like men.

Men: Ok meet me Wednesday or earlier at *insert adress, and state and all that here* at 4:00 p.m. my house and I'll fuck your 50 year old ass up.

Guest2334893899: 18 f wet *some porn webcam url*

Immagangstarrandimmakillu: aiitte nigga letz do it. I'ma pop my click up in ur brainz. I got dat red lowrider car wit da one window broken.

*wednesday at 4:00 p.m.*

Me: Its 4:00 time for me to see if that pussy showed up.

*opens door* Me: No red lowrider with a window broken. Haha that pussy didnt show up!
by i hate iGangsters August 28, 2009
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