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A jealous obsession felt by the few who, when around their friends who all have iPhones, have a fear of missing out on the many advantageous entertainment methods an iPhone has to offer over 'ye olde mobiles'.
(Two friends sitting on the same couch playing 'Words with Friends'...whilst a third friend sits in between, only with his primitive 'button phone' to keep him entertained)

Friend 1 (iPhone): Bullshit, there's no way what you just sent is a word, you made that up!....(enters a reply word to Friend 2). Suck on this fgt!

Friend 2 (iPhone): Haha you idiot, you're guessing this shit as much as I am!

Friend 3 (Non-iPhone): -_- (wondering wtf is going on) ...man I got some serious iFomo.
by markbar April 14, 2011