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1-A fight in which two or more people have a music battle using songs on their iPod/mp3 players, to see who has the better songs.

2-Two or more people physically beating each other to death with the use of an Apple Product, usually involving an issue of music or bordom
1-Guy 1~Did you see that iFight in Math class today?
Guy 2~Yeah man, Nate only had a 4GB, he had no chance against Spenser's 80GB.
Gut 1~I know, the poor dude got thrashed

2-Guy 1-Dude! Nate just started an iFight with Spenser, They both got sent down!
Guy 2~Really! Jeez, Nates got an iPod mini, I'm sure spense is hurtin' now.
by Jesus-Fishboy November 12, 2008
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