The word used to describe an individual whose life completely and utterly revolves around their I-Phone.

This is to the extent that start sleeping in close proximity to their I-Phone for worry of what might happen to it if were to be left alone.
Kenny: Dude, what the hell is up with Luca these days, he didn't even wanna shoot hoops today?

Jose: He's been acting weird eversince he got that dam I-Phone.

Kosmo: I know dog, that guy is becoming such an I-Fag
by obindustries1 February 04, 2010
Top Definition
1. Someone who thinks he is cool because he owns an Apple product, usually the iPhone or the iPod.

2. Someone who thinks he is cool because he bought a certain technology that very few people use, and thus, he feels like he is superior, although often it is because the technology is overpriced and/or useless.
That iFag attempted to update me on the weather at my workplace, although I work at a fucking weather station.

Jill can't stop talking about her new iPhone and its many features that I also have on my $50 phone. What an iFag.
by Jill Bill November 30, 2007
A class of homosexual people who have an affinity for Apple's i-products (e.g. iPod, iMac, iPhoto, etc...)
As Gene looked over at the two Grizzly Adams-looking men sitting next to him on his JetBlue flight to New York, he realized that they were both flaming homosexuals and their preponderance of Apple gear definitely made them 'iFags.'
by timmyotoole March 29, 2005
An iFag is a homosexual Apple fan boy. This type of individual will defend their products, regardless or logical reason. You can often find them at any of the following stores: AT&T, Starbucks and any generic smoothie shoppe.

The original iFag is an individual that goes by the name of "freediver" in the channel #computers located on the EfNet IRCd.
The iFag at Starbucks would not shut up about the upcoming iPad.
by troopa55 March 13, 2010
One of those idiots who actually think that Apple can make a decent mobile phone.
P1: You hear Sam is getting rid of his Nokia to buy an iPhone?
P2: What an iFag!
by Mad Mofo September 06, 2007
A word coined as a derogatory term towards mac/apple junkies. It has since evolved into an offensive term towards anyone by means of the internet. The prefix "i" has now infested into many other words as well; such as iFuck, iTard, etc. Many of which are simple variations with much the same meaning.
Quit trollin' you iFag
by b1naryatr0phy August 19, 2009
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