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An annoying user of any apple product (ex. iphone, ipod, imac, mac book, apple tv, etc.)
"It's a good thing you have an imac, or your windows will break" said Jole "SHUT UP YOU IFAG!!!" I said
by lolz321 May 18, 2011
The use of the term 'iFag' refers to someone who is overtly obsessed with an Apple product they own, to the point they will believe anything Apple say right or wrong, dismiss any other tech brand as a viable option and are rather obnoxious human beings.

They are extremely stubborn and unpleasant to deal with and are known to suffer from a superiority complex.
Normal person: er bro that iPhone screen is made by Samsung.

iFag: No Samsung copied Apple, they invented rounded edges, swipe finger and stuff like that.

Normal person: You do realise how stupid you sound now don't you?

iFag: Samsucks makes rubbish technology.

Normal person: So you're now saying Samsung makes a rubbish screen in the iPad3 and iPhone parts are crap too?

iFag: No I'm saying Samsung is crap bro.

Normal person: I'm sorry but you're far too idiotic to carry on this conversation.

I hope you enjoy using your Apple toy with Samsung parts.

iFag: Huh?

Normal person: Goodbye dumbass.
by WATTS March 18, 2013
A cigarette that also checks your emails and plays music.
I'mma go smoke an iFag.
by Ninjamida March 28, 2011