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Describing an individual whom is rendered virtually, yet not literally, deaf due to their playing of their MP3 device (most specifically an iPod) at a volume so loud that it creates a situation in which others cannot communicate with them verbally.
"What an asshole! I tried to get his attention by yelling into his ear and he didn't even pay any mind to me!"

"Dude, don't sweat it. He had his earbuds in and hence was most likely iDeaf."
by ThatFlyingThing January 04, 2009
8 1
When somebody can't hear you talking because they have their iPod in
Alan: Dave? Dave? DAVE!!!!!

Steve: Don't even try talking, he's iDeaf at the moment
by Sykesy March 17, 2007
8 4
not being able to hear with earbuds in, especially as related to MP3 players/iPods
That girl didn't hear me honk because she was iDeaf.
by Sassybcat April 03, 2007
4 1
The inability to hear because the listener has headphone from an MP-3 player on.
I didn't hear what you were saying yesterday, because I was probably I-deaf.
by Daddy_jeffy December 20, 2008
1 0
When someone cannot hear what you are saying becasue they are listening to music on headphones.
Olga won't pick up her fucking phone, either she is ignoring me or she is ideaf.
by Magina December 28, 2006
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