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A witty young man attending secondary school in the South West region of England who also goes by the names of Ian Gregory and Reetosaur. He used to spend his time making extremely cheesy wannabe Smosh YouTube videos with friends such as tDawg, rDawg and kDawg but now it's fair to say, that he has successfully obtained a life and is a very loving and caring character who everyone has gotta love.
Friend 1: "Hey, is that iDawg?"
Friend 2: "Sure is!"
Friend 1: "FIT!"

-friend 1 approaches and attempts to fap him-

iDawg: "Hey I thought I told ya! Saucy fap time only occurs once a year at 'Sleepy Time with Ryan'! You know that, silly little boy.
by Proutsta January 11, 2011
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