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The next time I see you I'm going to put you in ICU!
by Gary Oldman November 05, 2003
Means I see you, used when a person is either hitting or going out with another person of the opposite gender.
Arav Arora: Han, why are you staring at that person?
Han: I'm not.
Arav: Don't lie.
Han: Really! Look, my mouth isn't open
Arav: Do you liek her?
Han: No!
by David Whoo October 23, 2011
i see where your coming from #RealTalk
Friend: Yea this chicken fried rice aint doing it for me atm.

You: yea bro icu


Friend: Yea i fingered that girl last night and all i smelt was tuna.... i gave her a galloon of water and a bar of soap, told her to scrub her pink unicorn

You: LAWL FEST. icu !!!!
by Kryptonick April 22, 2011
IcU means "I'm cool, you?". It is sometimes used in chatrooms for typing faster.
Bill: "Hey dude, how is it?"

John: "IcU?"

Bill: "Yeah, I'm fine."
by Segadroid May 04, 2009
a way to say that you can physically see someone.
walker: i c u
jared: u stalker
by bendyboy24 January 24, 2009
Information and

Established in 1998, the Information and Communications University (ICU) is a Korean university focused primarily on research and engineering in the field of information technology. It is located in the city of Daejeon and comprises an engineering school and a management school. About 20% of the enrolled graduate students are international student while rest 80% are Koreans. Unlike other Korean universities, almost all courses are taught in English.

by student_for_everything November 12, 2008

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