ST (Stupid Teenybopper) - Hey did you see the new iCarly episode last night?

SA (Smartass) - Yes. I hate that show now - it made venom begin spitting out of my eyes.
by SmartBitch December 31, 2007
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a conspiracy set out by the goverment to force young children between 7-18 to watch crapy Telivison shows due to the downfall in the econemy
dude 1:did you watch icarly last night night? dude2:hell no its a conspiracy! FBI burst though window, FBI agent:get the floor! Dude2:fuck not again
by megadikk July 10, 2009
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The fall of good television as we know it. The show has conflicts that are usually resolved by predictable outcomes. The humor is neithor satire nor comedy, it's a new blend of humor called nonsensism. The two bitches constantly stick their faces in front of the camera whick makes viewers flinch due to their faces being too fucking round and convex. Their jokes are as poor and just sad. And what's with the 20 year old hanging out with two ugly whores.
Dude 1: ( enters room )
dude 2: are you watching icarly?
Dude 1: no, I just watch it because… Carly is kinda cute.

Dude 2: you must be fucking gay if you think Carly is a girl. She needs to grow out of her size A-.0001 bra size. And don't you see that bulge on her crotch. Fucking crotch stuffer.

Dude 1: I'm changing the channel to seinfield.
by Hempn February 26, 2010
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A show created by Dan Schneider that was thought to be better than Drake and Josh. Instead, it became the most hated show on Nickelodeon in a matter of days. To this day, iCarly expresses Racism, Sexism, Defiance, and child labor. This show basically flushed Miranda Cosgrove's reputation down the drain. Now most of her fans are kids under 12.
Guy: This show sucks.
Friend: Alright let's see whats on Nick.
*iCarly comes on*
Guy: NOOOOOOO!!!!!! *smashes TV with bat*
by xX Mclovin026 Xx June 22, 2011
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A Nickelodeon sitcom revolving around the adventures of a girl and her friends who produce their own webshow.

It has been called Nickelodeon's answer to Hannah Montana, but to be fair, this show has a slightly higher respect for the audience's intelligence. Plus, iCarly episodes generally feature a subplot revolving around Carly's brother Spenser, who's actually funny and would be deserving of his own spin off if iCarly went under.

The star of the show was Summer in School of Rock. Leading you to wonder where the other kids (the ones who could act) are now.

The creator of the show, Dan Schnieder, is kind of creepy.

As far as tween/teen television shows go, this isn't the worst thing in the world.
Brooke - iCarly sucks. Its the worst Disney channel show ever and they should just replace it with more Jonas Brothers!

Jen - Wow. I'm an 8th grade girl who listens to pop music and watches Fred and even I think you're retarded.
by billy_buddy_of_doom2 December 06, 2009
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One of the worst damn shows on Earth! Complete BULLSHIT that 5 year olds watch and is not meant 4 them. Little kids love this show and transforms them into ignorant little fucking brats who give a shit about texting and drama. Carly and Sam act with much stupidity but their wish is to make a mature version showing porn videos. Their future videos will show the dude named Freddy eat out both of their pussies.
Bratty Girl: can i get that mom?
Mom: not today honey.
Bratty Girl: FUCK U Mom, Icarly said I Can!
mom: you knock it off right now
Bratty Girl: *cries and screams*
Mom: ok, ok, ill get it.
Bratty Girl: Icarly made you buy it, hahaha
Me: *Slaps Bratty Girl* Little pos!!
by Whogivesableep March 30, 2010
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a stupid teen girl who cant act and looks like a vagina. her show just ruined all off Nickelodeon. why would they make a show with such a TERRIBLE actor.
(person 1): hey whats on nickelodeon?
(person 2):icarly
person 1: is it a good show?
person 2: no she acts like a vagina
by shorty147 July 16, 2010
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