1 definition by Whogivesableep

One of the worst damn shows on Earth! Complete BULLSHIT that 5 year olds watch and is not meant 4 them. Little kids love this show and transforms them into ignorant little fucking brats who give a shit about texting and drama. Carly and Sam act with much stupidity but their wish is to make a mature version showing porn videos. Their future videos will show the dude named Freddy eat out both of their pussies.
Bratty Girl: can i get that mom?
Mom: not today honey.
Bratty Girl: FUCK U Mom, Icarly said I Can!
mom: you knock it off right now
Bratty Girl: *cries and screams*
Mom: ok, ok, ill get it.
Bratty Girl: Icarly made you buy it, hahaha
Me: *Slaps Bratty Girl* Little pos!!
by Whogivesableep March 30, 2010

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