some gay ass show with some homosexual kids that think making a web show is cool. these faggots need to get a life and make more friends. carly is a little whore that sucks balls at acting and thinks she's hot. sam, a little tomboy bitch who rips on the little raper freddy all the time. freddy, like i said above, a little raper and an annoying cock sucker. carly's grandpa "granddad" is a dick wad that likes to suck spencer's balls and wants carly to live with her in yachma so he can lick her pussy all day, but actually.. spencer is the only cool one cuz he's supposingly 26. that teacher bitch mrs.. um.. i dont remember is a fucking ass skank who likes scottish dancing and a bunch of other shit. thats about it.. so pretty much, what im trying to say is that this show is about some punk ass dickhead who need to get a lives of their own.

Oh, i remember now, the skank's name is ms. briggs.

Carly: suck my balls grandpa
Grandpa: maybe later..
Sam: I'll do it
Freddy: Get the fuck out of my way Sam, Carly's pussy is mine
Carly: sure why not.. a faggot 10 year old is probably all i'll get in life..
by Lakashumbi January 02, 2008
A mediocre Nickelodeon show. While its no Drake&Josh, its just...alright. Maybe the laugh track is a bit overused, and they rely on pure randomness for most of the jokes, but its better than the "Sitcoms" that Disney keep pumping out, which keep getting worse and worse.
Seriously. If you thought Shake it Up was bad...
I don't even want to think about it.
iCarly is like...its like...well, its alright. The earlier seasons were funnier, I'll admit.
by Willoe October 03, 2011
Actually a pretty good show. Compared to most of Nickelodeon's live-action sit-coms it is one of the best. People who say it's bad are just cynics who miss their childhood and don't want to give new shows a chance. If you seriously give it a chance you will see it is way better than shows like Zoey 101, Unfabulous, True Jackson, VP, Big Time Rush, and Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.
Person 1- i hate all nickelodeon shows these days such as iCarly. 90's nickelodeon is where it's at.
Person 2- dude you probably don't even remember most of the 90's anyways. your just a cynical asshole who misses being a kid and wants to criticize everything these days so you can feel better about yourself.
Person 1- what are you talking about? roger's modern life and doug were my favorite 90's shows.
Person 2- it's rocko's modern life asshole.
Person 1- so what im still a 90's kid so i'm hot shit.
by Dr Lipschitz June 28, 2011
a web show about a girl named Carly shay who becomes popular along with her friends SAM & Freddie and is known by everyone.
Surfer Dude: icarly is the new fad
Popular Girl: icarly is so like awesome
by JesusChristfootball September 18, 2011
A pretty funny show that's a decent enough attempt at comedy by nickelodeon. It's not as great as the old shows but its not annoyingly clean either.

The characters are funny in a relatable way instead of making agonizingly stupid pun after pun like some networks (we're talkin' about you, DISNEYCHANNEL)

Despite most of the post on this website, most kids actually like iCarly.

The show revolves around the main character, Carly, her best friends, Sam and Freddie, and her brother Spencer. Carly, Sam, and Freddie run a webshow called iCarly where a bunch of weird, random things happen, (i.e. bikini dogfood fights)

Although the webshow isnt extremely hilarious, the everyday lives of the cast is good for a quick laugh.
Person 1: Hey, Hannah Montana or iCarly

Person 2: Pssh, iCarly!

Person 1: No chiz! Me too!
by DizzyV February 13, 2010
2 girls and 2 boys star in this show. It is hillarious and cool.
Carly, Sam and Freddie run a web show that is really funny.Keep up the good work, icarly!
Carly: Spencer be quiet! We are trying to have a marriage icarly webisode!

Spencer: So potato chips aren't important?

Carly: Just get out

Spencer: Ok.

(HA HA HA! Funny right?
by EllieInHerPajamasGirl October 12, 2010
The only tween TV show in which the characters talk like real people.
Any other show: Oh my gosh! That stinks.

iCarly: Oh my God! That crap sucks!
by I hate Destiny Cyrus December 22, 2009
a pretty DECENT, NOT GREAT SHOW on nickelodeon (which sucks butt) there is carly from { Drake & Josh} she is the main character, sam ( her BEST friend) who does the web show with Carly, and then Freddie the homosexual tech producer who has the most obvious crush on Carly, Freddie HATES Sam because that sassy biach is always ripping on Freddie. I'm tryin to say dat icarly is alright.
some kid: icarly is awesome!

me: phhhhh, its alright, but I like Drake and ****in Josh more!

some kid: im tellin you cursed!

me: you're a fuckin rat!
by humpface March 27, 2008

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