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When someone is brainwashed to believe that every product apple puts out is superior to any competing gadget. Most of these people didn't even know what a calculator was 10 years ago but ever since they got an iphone, and got i-washed, they feel like they are uber tech savvy, but in reality they only buy apple products in which they dont even use to their full technological capacities.
Nerd #1: "Dude dont get that tablet, it sucks ballz the Ipad shits all over it"

Nerd #2: "How do you know, have you used one"?

Nerd #1: " No but it doesn't fucking matter, its not made by apple so its a piece of shit. Trust me"

Nerd#2: "Dude you're just i-washed, ever since you got that iphone 4 years ago you got rid of your PC and put Steve Jobs cock down your throat."
by mrmrpopo November 27, 2011
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1. Being brainwashed by Apple Computers marketing.

2. Belonging to the Apple Computer Cult.
Phil is so iWashed he will only buy Apple products, all he talks about is Apple and wants everyone to buy only Apple products and when someone talks poorly about Apple he gets angry and defends them like its a family member.
by bigdogadam2 April 08, 2011

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