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The single most insulting phrase you can hear from a girl. Meaning that you have no chance of ever getting any from them.
Girl: "I love you like a brother"
Boy: "wtf! stfu."
by Anonymous Passenger March 27, 2007
Something you say to someone that you care so much about but, you dont think of them in a sexual way. The words that most guys find insulting, especially if they have loved you , but not as a sister, and will never think of you like a sister. This creates a lot of tension and heartbreak.
Lindsay: Actaully, I love you like a brother
Jordan: Well i'm never going to think of you like a sister so stop saying that to me.
Lindsay: Why not? Aren't I important to you?
Jordan: I will never think of you like that so stop trying.
by raee.xx September 09, 2008
A very sweet and endearing phrase that simply means what is says
"You know I love you like a brother" "And I love you like sister"
by Friend of the Endless April 09, 2007

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