phrase used to get yourself out of something bad you said earlier
you: your a stupid dickface
them: wtf?!?!!
you: i'm just sayin'
by imjustsayin August 01, 2008
Response when one has been proven wrong but is not humble enough to admit being incorrect or cannot settle with the other person's statement.
Person A: "That lady doesn't know what she's talking about! She said that President Kennedy was a Democrat!"
Person B: "But President Kennedy WAS a democrat"
Person A: "I'm just sayin"
by Grace Adler August 10, 2005
An expression that can mean any of the following: 1) I have no ulterior motive; 2)you were not really listening to what I said; 3) your argument against my stated position is not pursuasive.
One:"Say what?"
"I'm just sayin' we're going to town and we think you ought to come along?"

"Hey, I'm just sayin'...

Three: "And those are the reasons I disagree with you."
"Well, I'm just sayin'.
by Mackinac Jack January 10, 2007
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